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MailTape is turning 10! We're preparing something special for you dear listeners... stay tuned! 💎

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Powerful and deep selection here!

🚨 MailTape 445 with Mansfield.TYA

This morning, we welcome Mansfield.TYA, a surprisingly raw music duo from Nantes. Their music will both illuminate and sometimes somber your journey. With their sensitive and sensible songs composed of accessible yet very dense lyrics, Mansfield.TYA will take you on a poetic journey bathed in electronic sounds.


And another vibrant episode filled with good vibes for our dear friends of 🌺 Enjoy your Sunday!

💎 MailTape 444(!) with 79.5

Based in New York City, 79.5 is headed by vocalist and pianist Kate Mattison. 79.5’s rousing selections, carefully chosen for you, are songs frozen in time: immune to the rushing world around us and taking tender root within our hearts.


🧵 MailTape 443 with Sarah Maison

This morning, we leave in the sun with a one-way trip to the Eastern countries. The beauty of language, culture and scenery. . . In this episode, Sarah Maison will bring back some sunshine to our homes and apartments while waiting for better days.


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🧨 MailTape 442 with Thijsenterprise

This morning, we are delighted to welcome Thijsenterprise to MailTape for a Sunday selection that explores non-traditional structures in music, each inspiring to Thijsenterprise in his life and projects.

Thijsenterprise is Dutch saxophonist, beatmaker, and composer Reinier Thijs, currently based in Barcelona. Immersed in the world of jazz and the likes of Benjamin Herman, John Coltrane, Xero Slingsby, and Pharoah Sanders...


MailTape a partagé

J'ai été interviewé par Serveur410 à propos de @mailtape . Ce collectif que j'ai initié et qui fête cette année ses 10 ans 💎 Bonne lecture et vive la musique ! 🌸
#musique #playlist #interview

🌈 MailTape 441 with 88 Palms

This morning the pleasure is ours as we welcome 88 Palms to MailTape for a selection of Sunday morning grooves.

Morgan Wiley (Midnight Magic, Love Affair, and ex Hercules) joins vocalist and DJ Ria Bouttier to create 88 Palms. A cherished disco duo in the clubs of NYC, 88 Palms describes feeling committed to making their listeners feel sexy, free, and open to the dancefloor around them.


🚲 MailTape 440 with Museau

This morning, we are in the clouds dreaming of another life without COVID in 2032 maybe… But while waiting for that to be possible one day, we wake up preparing Sunday brunch with the music selection of the artist Museau.

Behind this mysterious musical project hides a visual artist with a multifaceted universe that can be seen in her latest track “So Far Away” released last January on the label Mouton Noir.


🌳 MailTape 439 with Stranded

This morning, we are delighted to welcome Stranded, who joins us from Atlanta, Georgia with a vibrant and rousing retro selection to lift you out of bed this Sunday.

Stranded’s new album, Post Meridian, leans into electronic house just as much as it dips into post-punk and new-wave sound.


👂 MailTape 438 with J.E. Sunde

This morning, we sit down, we slow down time and we adopt a slow life. We enjoy the moment, the simple pleasures of life and reconnect with nature. It is accompanied by the music of J.E. Sunde that we embark on this slow sunday.


🍀 MailTape 437 with Stefan Christoff

This morning we welcome Stefan Christoff to select three groovy Sunday morning tunes with us on MailTape. He is a musician, journalist and activist living in Montréal. He is a founding member of the Howl! arts collective and also hosts Free City Radio on CKUT FM, a weekly program exploring local and global struggles for social justice from an artistic perspective.


🌀 MailTape 436 with Leya

Today, let yourself cross the threshold from Sunday morning realities back into the dream scape, constructed and maintained by our dear guest and guide, LEYA. Their latest album, Flood Dream, brings us to share the same breath, or rather consumes us with castles in air, sweeping us up in the album’s flood.


🦜 MailTape 435 with World Brain

This morning, some delicious morsels of sonic data have found their way to us, beamed directly from the mind of World Brain (or Lucas Ufo IRL). These nifty signals hold secrets to be unravelled, spilling all around us and across the sky of an animated reality in pastel-perfect colours.


We're so happy to be here with you folks from the 🤗 To have the ability to share our playlists curated with love and feature these great bands with you in total freedom without participating to surveillance capitalism is precious 💎 Thanks for being here with us 😽 We appreciate you and deep thanks to all the great people working on and all what's needed to make that possible 🌺

🦉 MailTape 434 with Mourning [A] BLKstar

This morning, we’re honored to introduce you to Mourning [A] BLKstar, a fantastic band formed by RA Washington from Cleveland, Ohio. A soulful jazzy selection made with care for a delicious Sunday at home. Click on play, close your eyes and let the music speak to your spirit. Music is, has always been, and will ever be what unites us.


🦁 MailTape 433 with DJ Lycox

This morning, we are delighted to welcome Parisian-based DJ and producer DJ Lycox. No excuses to sleep in!

DJ Lycox’s music was like an electric shock. Rhythms that I didn’t know well and that I thought I didn’t like. The same applies for this selection which overflows with energy and cannot leave indifferent: you have to dare to go beyond your first reactions to discover all the richness and the complexity of Lycox’s musical universe.


🎏 MailTape 432 with Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes

This morning, it is FINALLY 2021. What can we wish for this year? Health of course, but above all the reopening of all our places of culture, music and events… And of course full of beautiful things to all those who follow us, hoping to surprise you, amaze you and keep pleasing you every Sunday.

For this first Sunday of 2021, we are accompanied by Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes, to get you out of bed.


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