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🌀 MailTape 436 with Leya

Today, let yourself cross the threshold from Sunday morning realities back into the dream scape, constructed and maintained by our dear guest and guide, LEYA. Their latest album, Flood Dream, brings us to share the same breath, or rather consumes us with castles in air, sweeping us up in the album’s flood.


🦜 MailTape 435 with World Brain

This morning, some delicious morsels of sonic data have found their way to us, beamed directly from the mind of World Brain (or Lucas Ufo IRL). These nifty signals hold secrets to be unravelled, spilling all around us and across the sky of an animated reality in pastel-perfect colours.


We're so happy to be here with you folks from the 🤗 To have the ability to share our playlists curated with love and feature these great bands with you in total freedom without participating to surveillance capitalism is precious 💎 Thanks for being here with us 😽 We appreciate you and deep thanks to all the great people working on and all what's needed to make that possible 🌺

🦉 MailTape 434 with Mourning [A] BLKstar

This morning, we’re honored to introduce you to Mourning [A] BLKstar, a fantastic band formed by RA Washington from Cleveland, Ohio. A soulful jazzy selection made with care for a delicious Sunday at home. Click on play, close your eyes and let the music speak to your spirit. Music is, has always been, and will ever be what unites us.


🦁 MailTape 433 with DJ Lycox

This morning, we are delighted to welcome Parisian-based DJ and producer DJ Lycox. No excuses to sleep in!

DJ Lycox’s music was like an electric shock. Rhythms that I didn’t know well and that I thought I didn’t like. The same applies for this selection which overflows with energy and cannot leave indifferent: you have to dare to go beyond your first reactions to discover all the richness and the complexity of Lycox’s musical universe.


🎏 MailTape 432 with Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes

This morning, it is FINALLY 2021. What can we wish for this year? Health of course, but above all the reopening of all our places of culture, music and events… And of course full of beautiful things to all those who follow us, hoping to surprise you, amaze you and keep pleasing you every Sunday.

For this first Sunday of 2021, we are accompanied by Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes, to get you out of bed.


🎊 MailTape 431 with Chico Bernardes

The last Sunday morning of 2020 has arrived, and so does our last MailTape episode of this year. For our reflections and sighs that accompany leaving 2020 behind us, we take comfort in the music that has buoyed us through this strange time to be alive.

We are thrilled that Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Chico Bernardes joins us for our year’s last episode.


👘 MailTape 430 with Bonnie Banane

This morning, we think about Christmas, shopping in crowded stores, those endless meals around a turkey and many logs, indigestion and the famous button that you pop at the end of the evening…Fortunately to relax during its preparations, Bonnie Banane has made a playlist worthy of her parties!


Sorry for all the tooting folks 😅 I realized I had a bit of dyslexia with the issue numbers :/ Everything should be alright by now. Sorry I had to deleted previous post to edit them. Have a wonderful Sunday 💎🌸

🐝 MailTape 429 with Sorcha Richardson

This morning, we wanted to give you plenty to daydream about. What else are Sundays for?

Sorcha Richardson joins us with a varied and thoughtful selection to steady you for any kind of week that may lay ahead.


💃 MailTape 428 with Markus Floats

This morning, we welcome Markus Floats to select three snake-hipped Sunday morning tunes with us on MailTape.

Markus Lake is a musician in Montréal/Tiohtià꞉ke’s thriving independent music scene. A co-founder of DIY space ‘Drones Club’ and bass player in a number of bands. At home in post-punk as well as Afrofuturism, he currently makes experimental electronica under the moniker, Markus Floats.


👁 MailTape 427 with MPL

Do you feel that this Sunday, winter is approaching so strongly that we must now wear an extra layer of clothes?

We do too. To avoid sinking into the gray, we invited MPL to add a more harmonious, more colorful layer, softer to the ears than the sound of wood breaking due to the cold, warmer than the anonymity of swaddled faces.


🍳 MailTape 426 with JW Francis

This morning, we are delighted to welcome ray of sunshine JW Francis to MailTape for a of flowing instrumentals and gentle melodies to ease into your Sunday morning.

The following carefully curated episode gifts you a space of musical comfort to meditate and let your mind wander...

And remember, MailTape loves you 🤗


💆🏾 MailTape 425 with Sabrina Bellalouel

This morning, we are delighted to welcome Franco-Algerian singer and producer, Sabrina Bellaouel.

She embarks on new horizons where the sweetness of the choirs meets the dark bass of techno rhythms. And as we follow the producer on this journey full of different emotions, it is a sensitive and rich breathing that remains in our ears.


🧁 MailTape 424 with Natalie Greffel

This morning, we’re serving you a comfy episode. A selection curated with great care for a chill morning at home spent alone or with your loved ones sipping a warm hot chocolate. From blues, to bossa nova, Bowie’s vibes and amapiano, we’re honored to share this episode with Natalie Greffel as our dear guest.


And our latest release from yesterday...

🍀 MailTape 423 with Schérazade

We send each other love, we hug each other through our masks, we send each other kisses through our windows. You try to forget the dull days, the sad news and concentrate on memories of holidays, of moments spent surrounded by friends or family. To accompany us in this quest for the inner sun, we have the voice of Schérazade.


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🍫 MailTape 422 with JWestern

All about revived retro grooves:) JWestern hits MailTape with a dynamite neo-soul selection to get us moving. Based in Leeds, JWestern is influenced by an array of jazz and neo-soul musicians, clearly evident by the stretches of jazz riffs and grooves in his own songs:)


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🤖 MailTape 421 with Binary Digit

The alarm clock tastes acid and sour, that kind of unpleasant sensation at first glance but which you eventually get used to, before asking for more. Binary Digit’s selection goes straight to the point, somewhere between this unexpected ray of sunshine that pierces a gray autumn sky and the cold of winter that comes under our covers to tickle our feet.


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🦜 MailTape 420 with Bleu Toucan

We fly away, we take to the open sea, to faraway places where the heat reigns supreme. We’re not alone to accompany us on this journey, it’s in good company with the Bleu Toucan group that we’re going to have a good time.


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