👅 MailTape 416 with Dombrance

This morning, we don’t know if it’s madness or provocation, but what’s certain is that the love of music, party and politics (yes, you don’t dream, it’s possible) of our guest, doesn’t leave us indifferent.

👉 mailta.pe/416/dombrance

🥐 MailTape 415 with Mini Trees

This morning, we are thrilled to welcome Mini Trees to host our first episode of September!

Lexi Vega played drums in the Los Angeles indie scene for many years before emerging as an artist with her solo project, Mini Trees. Mini Trees is vibrant with emotional exploration, Vega creates a raw lyrical atmosphere wherein experiences are laid bare in a challenging and vulnerable way.

👉 mailta.pe/415/mini-trees

We're back dear fedi 🎉

🔥 MailTape 414 with Beau Wanzer

A molecular biologist who has a fluency with machines, Beau Wanzer brings the experimentation from his day job to his with innovative experiments, splicing, and twisted knob-twiddling.

👉 mailta.pe/415/beau-wanzer

Hey dear fedi, we're going on holidays 😊 we take that moment to refresh our inspiration 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ and we'll get back at it in September. Meanwhile, we remind you there are all our archives available on mailta.pe for you to (re)discover 🤗 With love, see you 💌

❣️ MailTape 413 with Floam

> "This morning, we are happy to welcome Floam to select three Sunday morning songs with us. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Floam is pushing into experimental musical/visual territory. Self proclaimed “bouncy rock” musicians, Floam blends a host of influences into a neat, new sound."

👉 mailta.pe/413/floam

🏇 MailTape 412 with Marc Desse

> "This morning, we are pleased to welcome Marc Desse to select three Sunday morning songs. A French singer and musician, who mixes hedonist texts with a laid-back style, creating spontaneously a warm and languid sound. If you listen carefully, you should be able to detect pretty easily some influences from bands like Aline or Taxi Girl."

With a beautiful illustration by Noémie who just joined our crew. 🎈

👉 mailta.pe/412/marc-desse/

🐳 MailTape 411 with Sirom
> "This morning we welcome Širom to select three eclectic Sunday morning tunes with us. They are a trio whose members stem from the regions of Prekmurje, Tolminsko and Kras.

Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin and Iztok Koren play dozens of instruments between them and describe their work as “imaginary folk music”. Played live on acoustic instruments, their sounds are episodic, dreamlike voyages."

👉 mailta.pe/411/sirom

What an adventure these 24 hours 🌸 We hope you had a good time with us, it was a real pleasure for us to offer you this program throughout the day. We've learned a lot of things while putting together this live show and there's a good chance we'll do it again soon 💎 Until then, we'll see you next Sunday for a sunny episode. ❤️

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Quelle aventure ces 24h 🌸 On espère que vous avez pris du bon temps à nos côtés, c'était un vrai plaisir pour nous de vous proposer cette programmation tout au long de la journée. On a appris beaucoup de choses en mettant au point ce live et y'a de bonnes chances qu'on remette ça prochainement 💎 D'ici là, on vous dit à dimanche prochain pour un épisode ensoleillé ❤️

Hello, we hope you danced, tripped, dreamed last night... The live goes on 🎉 At the moment a show by Anaïs, then a trippy oriental mix by Guillaume Olldendorff then a podcast by Zineb mailta.pe Beautiful day of music to you 🙌 🎈

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Hello, on espère que vous avez bien dansé, trippé, rêvé cette nuit... Le live continue 🎉 En ce moment une émission de Anaïs, ensuite un mix trippy oriental de Guillaume Olldendorff puis un podcast de Zineb 🎈 Belle journée de la musique à vous 🙌 mailta.pe ❤️

Le live est lancé! On démarre avec un mix de Jumo 🤗 mailta.pe/

Nous ne sommes plus qu'à quelques heures du lancement de notre 24h live radio organisé pour célébrer la Fête de la Musique ! Connectez-vous dès minuit (UTC+2) sur mailta.pe pour assister aux différentes performances de nos guests et partager votre amour de la musique !

🌈 We’re only a few hours away from MailTape's « Fête de la Musique » 24h live stream event! Join us from midnight (UTC+2) on mailta.pe to kick off the festivities and show some love to our live guest performers.

On est chaud·es bouillant·es! Ça démarre à minuit pétante ce soir sur mailta.pe pour 24h de musique et d'amour non-stop ! 🔥

@raphaelbastide 🤗❤️ Thanks for the support :) Sunday starting midnight (utc+2) we're throwing a 24h live radio show! Stay tuned :)

🤗 And to give a little more warmth to this online event, we're opening it to your contributions: Share with us your latest discovery or all-time favorite track. Feed the collaborative playlist, we'll then select songs from this folder to broadcast during the day! (Please upload only MP3 320kbps file format, 1 track per person, before Friday midnight. Thanks!) 👉 mtcrew.org/nextcloud/s/P8XNCrG

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🤗 Nous avons prévu un moment spécialement ouvert à vos contributions : partagez dans ce dossier votre dernière découverte musicale ou votre plus grand coup de cœur et nous diffuserons certains morceaux pendant la journée ! (à envoyer au format MP3 320kps, un son par personne, avant vendredi minuit. merci!) 👉 mtcrew.org/nextcloud/s/P8XNCrG

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💥 Dear friends of the fedi,
on the occasion of the first day of summer (or winter for friends on the Southern Hemisphere) this Sunday June 21st, we are embarking on a crazy adventure with you: a 24H NON STOP live radio show 🎉

It will be from midnight (utc+2): Lives sets of guest artists, selecta sessions by our curators, DJ sets by members of our collective, podcast sessions and other surprises... ✌️ + more info soon ❤️

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