Just back from La Poste where I sent out your artworks! Amazing to see some of them are going to travel to Germany, USA, Danemark and even Brazil! Thank you so much for all your support. 🤗

We got some remainings, remember donation amount is yours to choose. 🌸

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Happy day!

🦋 MailTape 455 with Hélène Barbier

This morning, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and can’t shatter our joy of life. To be able to resume a “normal” life, prepare for summer holidays and stroll in the sun. It is with Hélène Barbier that we will do all those things indispensable for the survival of all.

Hélène Barbier transports us with her lunar pop, joyful and melancholic at the same time.

👉 mailta.pe/455/hélène-barbier

WOW thanks to all the great people who ordered their edition ! Half of it already ready to be shipped, only 100 remaining 😱 -> love.mailta.pe/product/mailtap

Wake up!

🥁 MailTape 454 with The Growth Eternal

This Sunday, we welcome The Growth Eternal to MailTape for an eclectic collection to jumpstart your morning :)

The Growth Eternal pushes into new worlds of experimental music, melting the film of traditional song structures. In carefully complex harmonies, The Growth Eternal creates unexpected spaces to step through.

👉 mailta.pe/454/the-growth-etern

Illustrators from the crew gathered to create 5 original small pieces of artwork to celebrate the event. 😳 Then our dear friends from Atelier du Palais in Arles printed them using risograph technique. ✌️ It's all handmade with love, each print is unique. 👌

We've got 200 editions for you.

Ready? 🤩 GO 👉 love.mailta.pe/product/mailtap

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MailTape is turning 10 years old! 🥳

453 episodes! 453 Sundays spent together discovering great music featuring some of the most inspiring artists of the decade 🌟 Thank you for being with us . 🤗🙏

Since we can't organize any proper live event due to the pandemic still going on here in France, we thought of something else special... [1/2]

Let’s go for a walk.

🌱 MailTape 453 with Mike Slott

This morning, we’re joined by Mike Slott who made us an honor to accept our invitation. Open the door, put your headphones on, and press play. No need to travel to the other side of the planet. Let’s go.

👉 mailta.pe/453/mike-slott

🍒 MailTape 452 with Good Morning TV

This morning, we’re back to a pretty normal life. We can plan to have brunches at the local restaurant, or join some friends at the bar downstairs and enjoy every moment that life gives us. It is with this exaggerated optimism that we left the group Good Morning TV ran the playlist this Sunday.

👉 mailta.pe/452/good-morning-tv

🔥 MailTape 451 with Mathilde Fernandez

This morning, we’re glad to have Mathilde Fernandez with us, this time to share her inspiration gravitating around her solo project. Last time, our episode 388 featured her duo with Paul Seul : Ascendant Vierge.

👉 mailta.pe/451/mathilde-fernand

@oppen @imacrea We don't have that at the moment but we could try to work on it. We always dreamt of such device for listening to our episodes without a computer to be honest 🤗 Could you specify what you'd need ideally in a ticket here please: github.com/MailTape/MailTape.g ?

WOW 450th episode (!) 💎

🌼 MailTape 450 with BIENSÜRE

Let’s welcome this Sunday with a multitude of influences and sounds that will start the day most beautifully.

Coming straight from the most cosmopolitan city of France, the selection of BIENSÜRE comes to brighten our ears, at the crossroads of several influences, from Syria to Marseille.

With so much musicality, your Sunday starts on the right foot.

👉 mailta.pe/450/biensüre

🍭 MailTape 449 with Glenn Astro

This morning, let’s have some actively collected intuitions distilled from love. Experimental, mystic, and joyful vibes as we start our trip with a colorful selection curated by Glenn Astro. Time to get out of the loop darling!

👉 mailta.pe/449/glenn-astro

🏔 MailTape 448 with Northwest

This morning,we enter into a contemplative meditation. A kind of emotional trance, composed of contemporary music, aerial and even lyrical. We are no longer in control of our body, our movements lead us to the Northwest playlist.

👉 mailta.pe/448/northwest

Introspective, transcendent, and even ethereal forms...

🌀 MailTape 447 with Curved Light

This morning, we embrace the abstract in the ambient: the otherworldly and the primal. Press play and let your thoughts unravel like folded laundry, let them breathe and wave in the wind of these melodies. This Sunday morning, peace is no longer quite so elusive, it exhales in these rhythms before us.

👉 mailta.pe/447/curved-light

Finkle, it’s all about friendship.

🤲 MailTape 446 with Finkle

Three Toulousains, who decide to form a band for the pleasure of music. An electro atmosphere and festive sounds which make us want to move. A group to watch very closely.

👉 mailta.pe/446/finkle

MailTape is turning 10! We're preparing something special for you dear listeners... stay tuned! 💎

@stragu Merci pour ton soutien et ton message qui nous fait chaud au ♥️ !

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