[thread] So, here's what you may have missed dear people 🙌

🦜 MailTape 420 with Bleu Toucan

We fly away, we take to the open sea, to faraway places where the heat reigns supreme. We’re not alone to accompany us on this journey, it’s in good company with the Bleu Toucan group that we’re going to have a good time.

👉 mailta.pe/420/bleu-toucan/


🤖 MailTape 421 with Binary Digit

The alarm clock tastes acid and sour, that kind of unpleasant sensation at first glance but which you eventually get used to, before asking for more. Binary Digit’s selection goes straight to the point, somewhere between this unexpected ray of sunshine that pierces a gray autumn sky and the cold of winter that comes under our covers to tickle our feet.

👉 mailta.pe/421/binary-digit

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🍫 MailTape 422 with JWestern

All about revived retro grooves:) JWestern hits MailTape with a dynamite neo-soul selection to get us moving. Based in Leeds, JWestern is influenced by an array of jazz and neo-soul musicians, clearly evident by the stretches of jazz riffs and grooves in his own songs:)

👉 mailta.pe/422/jwestern

And our latest release from yesterday...

🍀 MailTape 423 with Schérazade

We send each other love, we hug each other through our masks, we send each other kisses through our windows. You try to forget the dull days, the sad news and concentrate on memories of holidays, of moments spent surrounded by friends or family. To accompany us in this quest for the inner sun, we have the voice of Schérazade.

👉 mailta.pe/423/scherazade

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