🦦 MailTape 467 with Janko Nilovic

This morning, we are wading through worlds of color, shrouded on all sides by an entire kaleidoscope of sound. To craft this experience, we are beyond thrilled to welcome composer and multi-instrumentalist Janko Nilović to MailTape this Sunday.

👉 mailta.pe/467/janko-nilovic

Hey there! As you may have noticed, many tracks couldn't be streamed since a couple of months now. This is due to a sudden change of API policy by the Soundcloud crew. We've managed to recover about 1200 tracks, 295 episodes are now fully fixed. Enjoy!! Happy listening session ✌️

This morning, please welcome Camille & Margaux from Écran Total.

☀️ MailTape 466 with Écran Total.

With their first album, Schaerbeek Love, they share with us this gentle vibe so particular in the early days following the meeting of two spirits. Innocent and groovy, today’s episode is an ode to sunshine and love. Let the music play!

👉 mailta.pe/466/ecran-total

This morning, the sun has never shone so brightly. Rotterdam-based musician and producer Arp Frique is welcoming MailTape in his colourful world!

🌺 MailTape 465 with Arp Frique.

Niels Nieuborg, the genius mind behind Arp Frique, has been actively involved in the Dutch live music scene for years before embarking on his own project.

👉 mailta.pe/465/arp-frique

This morning, it feels like the return of the long Sundays under the blanket watching the rain fall...

🌳 MailTape 464 with Laventure.

The heat and sun of this summer gives way to the coolness of the morning. Depressed, but here at MailTape, we have a solution: a selection of music made by the group Laventure. Chill, relaxation and sunshine in your heart assured!

👉 mailta.pe/464/laventure

Hello and welcome to all our new dear followers 🌟 This morning, we are delighted to welcome California-based DJ and electronic music producer Tomu DJ!

🥁 MailTape 463 with Tomu DJ.

After several EPs that allowed her to refine her characteristic style, Tomu DJ released her first album in August 2021. But it’s a different approach that we find here, far from fluorescent dance music, house and techno rhythms, FEMINISTA touches something deeper...

👉 mailta.pe/463/tomu-dj

🍀 MailTape 462 with Mabe Fratti.

This morning, we’re thrilled to welcome Guatemalan cellist and composer Mabe Fratti to MailTape for a Sunday selection of experimental instrumentals and melodies :) Mabe Fratti consistently pushes our expectations of classical and melodic standards, treading into territories of provocative dissonance across all of her albums.

👉 mailta.pe/462/mabe-fratti

(Oups, sorry for being late.. I should find a way to schedule these toots.. Anyway...!) Here's today's episode dear masto friends 😅

🏖 MailTape 461 with The Mauskovic Dance Band

This morning something strange is floating in the air. The sky takes on psychedelic colors; the sun hits the windows like percussions. Can’t you see The Mauskovic Dance Band slowly emerging from the clouds to join us for a new MailTape episode?

👉 mailta.pe/461/the-mauskovic-da

Welcome back to you! This morning, we’re enthusiastic about starting this new season with George Ka as our guest. You'll find in this episode the great vibes and energy needed on this particular moment of the year.

🌺 MailTape 460 with George Ka

A decade of MailTape is behind us now. It’s our pleasure to keep sharing our best discoveries with you and crafting new episodes with some of the most inspiring emerging artists. And now, let’s play!

👉 mailta.pe/460/george-ka

We're back on Sunday folks! 🤗 We missed you, see youuuu!

Hello dear music lovers! We're on vacation and we'll be back in September 😘 Enjoy your summer, dance dance dance !! See youuu 🌺

Filled with trance, techno, and deliciously regressive dance music not shy from reactivating early 00’s vibes, be prepared for a very vibrant episode!

🔥 MailTape 459 with TDJ

Coming from the LGBTQ+ scene from Montréal, TDJ's been exploring electronic music for a few years now. She produces retrofuturistic music pumped with irresistible beats.

👉 mailta.pe/459/tdj

This morning, we are tired, exhausted and washed away by this complicated year but finally ready for this much-deserved great holiday.

🔫 MailTape 458 with Ratamard Clan

The Ratamard Clan, as he describes himself so well, is “a rare kind of master of ceremonies whose peculiarity is to show an overflowing enthusiasm".

👉 mailta.pe/458/ratamard-clan

This morning, close your eyes and see landscapes appearing on the inside of your closed eyelids as the music plays.

🍄 MailTape 457 with Lüne

Refrain from falling asleep but let yourself go as we’ll enter a lucid dream state with Lüne starting this episode with a carefully crafted selection of ethereally vibrant and dreamy gems...

👉 mailta.pe/457/lune

⛱ MailTape 456 with Misha Panfilov

We begin our Sunday morning with a cosmic cowboy selection of tracks led by our dear guest Misha Panfilov.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Misha’s music engages in the evolving cross section between folk, funk, jazz, and psychedelic music, not without influences from Soviet-era electronic music.

👉 mailta.pe/456/misha-panfilov

Just back from La Poste where I sent out your artworks! Amazing to see some of them are going to travel to Germany, USA, Danemark and even Brazil! Thank you so much for all your support. 🤗

We got some remainings, remember donation amount is yours to choose. 🌸

GO! 👉 love.mailta.pe/product/mailtap 🔥

Happy day!

🦋 MailTape 455 with Hélène Barbier

This morning, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and can’t shatter our joy of life. To be able to resume a “normal” life, prepare for summer holidays and stroll in the sun. It is with Hélène Barbier that we will do all those things indispensable for the survival of all.

Hélène Barbier transports us with her lunar pop, joyful and melancholic at the same time.

👉 mailta.pe/455/hélène-barbier

WOW thanks to all the great people who ordered their edition ! Half of it already ready to be shipped, only 100 remaining 😱 -> love.mailta.pe/product/mailtap

Wake up!

🥁 MailTape 454 with The Growth Eternal

This Sunday, we welcome The Growth Eternal to MailTape for an eclectic collection to jumpstart your morning :)

The Growth Eternal pushes into new worlds of experimental music, melting the film of traditional song structures. In carefully complex harmonies, The Growth Eternal creates unexpected spaces to step through.

👉 mailta.pe/454/the-growth-etern

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