Our crew is growing ! Wanna join us as an illustrator or curator ? Now is the time. Send us your application to crew (at) mailta.pe 馃尯

More info in English and French in attached pics :)

Hello dear friends from the fediverse! 馃憢 We invite you to rediscover our archives on mailta.pe 馃尲 We're going on our annual pause for vacation. We'll be back on September 鉂 Enjoy and see you soon 鉁

To celebrate with us, we welcome Charlotte Adig茅ry to MailTape! One half of the duo with Bolis Pupul (welcomed last week, our episode 499!), Charlotte Adig茅ry鈥檚 work spans R&B, jazz, techno, and club movements, creating catching collages of textured sound. Charlotte Adig茅ry joins us following the release of the duo鈥檚 latest album, Topical Dancer. The creative collaboration counters heavy topics with humor and grace, offering surprises with each subsequent listen.

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馃帀 Episode 500 with Charlotte Adig茅ry (!)

Our 500th episode of MailTape this morning!! This year and since 2012, we鈥檝e welcomed so many wonderful guests, sharing love for music with our loyal listeners every Sunday. It鈥檚 hard not to feel sentimental with this special project of bringing music into peoples鈥 hearts. We hope you鈥檝e loved these moments as much as we have, cheers to the next 500 :)

馃憠 mailta.pe/500/charlotte-adig茅r

馃Э MailTape 499 with Bolis Pupul

This morning, we鈥檙e overjoyed to welcome Bolis Pupul to MailTape.

Based in Belgium, Bolis joins us after releasing his debut album with Charlotte Adig茅ry, Tropical Dancer. Blending house, rock, RnB, and techno, the duo uses their music as a vehicle to ignite conversations on heavier topics, particularly in their commentaries on racism, homophobia, and misogyny.

馃憠 mailta.pe/499/bolis-pupul

馃憫 MailTape 498 with INO hidefumi

This morning, with a special joy we welcome Tokyo-based jazz and electronic artist INO hidefumi to MailTape. Known for eclectic tastes and textured sounds, INO鈥檚 thoughtful selection offers an easy treading into the morning hours.

馃憠 mailta.pe/498/ino-hidefumi

馃拵 MailTape 497 with Emily Wells

This morning, I am very thrilled to unveil an episode co-curated with Emily Wells.

As she鈥檚 on tour, playing 鈥淩egards to the End鈥 around the world, she took a moment to share with us some of her music gems. With this selection, embark on a positive and deep journey filled with moving energy. Dance, love, care. 馃尯

馃憠 mailta.pe/497/emily-wells

馃お MailTape 496 with The Balek Band

This morning, we are delighted to welcome Nantes-based group The Balek Band. Their very first album, 鈥淢茅decines鈥, was freshly released last Friday, and they can鈥檛 wait to share their musical universe with us!

For the first episode of June, as we begin to feel summer pointing the tip of its nose, I am very happy and excited to welcome one of the most lively and stirring of my recent musical discoveries...

馃憠 mailta.pe/496/the-balek-band

馃獋 MailTape 495 with The Lazy Eyes

This morning, we鈥檙e delighted to welcome The Lazy Eyes for a Sunday selection of smooth moving trippy tracks to get the day moving.

Based in Sydney, the psychedelic rock group features Harvey Geraghty on vocals, guitar, and keyboard; Italy Sasha on vocals and guitar; Leon Karagic on bass; and Noah Martin on drums. The band joins us following the release of their 2022 debut album SongBook...

馃憠 mailta.pe/495/the-lazy-eyes

Sorry for being late.. and here's your groovy delivery! 馃槄 Just right from the oven!

馃 MailTape 494 with Silas Short

This morning we鈥檙e in excellent company with Silas Short from the legendary Stones Throw Records family. Young and very talented, his debut EP, 鈥淒rawing鈥, develops a rich soundscape carved with his very own signature.

We鈥檙e very honored to have him with us today and pleased to share that pleasure with you. Let鈥檚 groove. 馃敟

馃憠 mailta.pe/494/silas-short

Pop vibrations..

馃 MailTape 493 with Phaon

This morning, we are sucked in and inspired by new talent and the new french pop scene: that of the band Phaon.

Phaon, whether he is a man known for his beauty (in Greek) or the baby deer writes 鈥淔aon鈥, what is certain is that this creature has not finished making people talk about her through her song and her French pop music...

馃憠 mailta.pe/493/phaon

Comfy morning to you all, dear fedifolks 馃尯

馃悵 MailTape 492 with SAAVAN

This morning, we are delighted to welcome SAAVAN for this harmonized episode composed of delightful tracks full of pulsating spring energy.

Listening to SAAVAN鈥檚 鈥淩unning Short鈥 is sure to give you strength for seizing the wholeness of the day. As we are calmly reminded that time is precious, this reflective and mesmerizing song will gently draw you into a climate of elation...

馃憠 mailta.pe/492/saavan

Not many feedbacks with this Throwback Thursday... ok we'll stick with one weekly post on Sunday morning for new episodes only, no worries folks 馃槄 cheers and see you on Sunday! 鉁岋笍

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What about a with...

馃挭 MailTape 333 with Fit of Body

Born and raised in College Park, Georgia, Ryan Parks has become an important player in the local electronica and hip hop scene. He founded and runs his own robust cassette tape label, Harsh Riddims, has been releasing his own music as Fit of Body for 7 years and still finds the time to paint his album covers...

馃憠 mailta.pe/333/fit-of-body

Have a goooood morning 馃檭

馃 MailTape 491 with Noon Garden

Today, we present a delightful selection of eclectic discoveries to welcome you into your Sunday morning. For this awakening, our dear guest Noon Garden curates a pass of vibrant tracks to add bouts of energy into these early hours.

Based in London, Noon Garden is a pioneer of the exotic psych-pop movement, drawing influence from African funk, disco, and psychedelic movements of past and present...

馃憠 mailta.pe/491/noon-garden

Just updated our masto instance to 3.5.1. Looks like it worked out smooth. Thanks to the amazing work from @yunohost community this was done in just a simple click! 馃挏

wow so many new folks here! glad you're in for some music 鉁岋笍 next episode is to be released in a few hours, stay tuned 鈽猴笍

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boost appreciated 馃檶

And here we go with Hinako Omori as our dear guest!

馃鈥嶁檧锔忦煣樷嶁檪锔 MailTape 490 with Hinako Omori

This morning, we鈥檙e taking you into an atmosphere of balance, softness, and harmony. With our dear guest, Hinako Omori, we curated meditative and restorative tracks to help you ease into the day with a refreshed view. Remember there鈥檚 always blue sky waiting for you above the clouds.

馃憠 mailta.pe/490/hinako-omori

Hey dear folks of the fediverse who follow MailTape, where do you live? Just being curious here 馃檭

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