👩‍🚀 MailTape 408 with Michal Turtle

> This morning we welcome Michal Turtle to select three Sunday morning tunes with us—a musician and producer who spent the heart of the 1980s making subtle, enlightened music. Combining vocals with the dreamiest electro-jazz, balmy ambient dub and languid grooves, Michal Turtle’s music feels entirely appropriate for these unseasonably warm and breezy days.

👉 mailta.pe/408/michal-turtle

✌️ MailTape 407 with Fantastic Twins

> This morning, we’re feeling fantastic. The days are getting longer, summer is almost here and life is gradually resuming. We discover resources, qualities and desires hitherto unsuspected that we now long to explore. It is with a new eye that we now wish to glimpse the future, the one of a sensitive, complex and caring alter-ego.

👉 mailta.pe/407/fantastic-twins/

🌵 MailTape 406 with Iñigo Montoya

> This morning, we’re everyday superheroes. We’re trying to get back to a more “normal” life, little by little. Resume good habits by protecting yourself and others. And to accompany us in this new life, nothing like the group Iñigo Montoya to whisper in our ears its desires and its revolution.

👉 mailta.pe/406/iñigo-montoya

Hi! The crew is growing!

We're looking for new people to join the collective as illustrators. 🎨 Wanna take part in the adventure? Please send us a portrait of an artist you like before may 31st at crew [at] mailta.pe 🤗 (boosts appreciated)

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Hello, l'équipe s'agrandit ! [following post in english]

Nous recherchons de nouvelles personnes qui souhaiteraient rejoindre le collectif en tant qu'illustrateur·trice. 🎨 Si ça vous chauffe, envoyez-nous un portrait d'un·e artiste que vous aimez (ainsi que votre porfolio si vous en avez un) avant le 31 mai à crew [at] mailta.pe 🤗 (boosts appréciés)

👁 MailTape 405 with Perlee

> This morning, why not enjoy the sweetness of our bed for a few more moments? In this permanent tumult, this avalanche of words, of speeches, the continual hubbub of life which always expects an answer from you, we make room this Sunday for soft and vibrant voices which all have a lot to offer without ever asking anything in return.

👉 mailta.pe/405/perlee

🍭 MailTape 404 with French Kettle Station

> This morning, it seems as we’re entering the final stage of grief: acceptance. After denial, anger, bargaining and depression, now we have no choice but to accept the world as it “used to be” has changed forever. Living with uncertainty may not be easy. But has it ever been different? It’s always been an illusion, everything is in movement and your heart is still beating...

👉 mailta.pe/404/french-kettle-st

🥝 MailTape 403 with Quiet Dawn

> This morning, we’re away from the troubles. In our bed to wander around, or on our deckchair to be gilded in our garden for the lucky ones, our mind wanders elsewhere to find the inner peace we need. How can you think about tomorrow when it’s far away or blurry?

👉 mailta.pe/403/quiet-dawn/

⛰ MailTape 402 with Jeffrey Silverstein

>This morning we are still confined and condemned to look at the sky behind our windows. Luckily, Jeffrey Silverstein is here to guide us on a peaceful hike in the heart of our inner mountain. Time to lie down, breathe slowly, and start drawing the landscapes that will allow you to escape.

👉 mailta.pe/402/jeffrey-silverst

🌺 MailTape 401 with Postcards

> This morning, re-learning to live, we are faced with that. Take a break, and enjoy what nature has to offer, and deal with a daily challenge we face with an uncertain future. In this infernal whirlwind, transformed into a remake of “Un Jour sans fin” without Bill Murray and the groundhog, we adapt, we use our knowledge, we cook, we talk, we relax, we observe and above all we try to keep smiling...

👉 mailta.pe/401/postcards

🐅 MailTape 400 with P.R2B

> This morning, it’s our 400th episode and the gravitational pull of the musical universe is strong, compelling us to wake up all our senses and emotions, our entire minds and acuities. Let’s fully inhabit the spaces that we find ourselves confined in, grounding and charging ourselves ready to release energy through a beautiful and spontaneous moment of contact improvisation.

👉 mailta.pe/400/P.R2B

🐠 MailTape 399 with Nope

> This morning, there is silence. Silence, the act of keeping quiet or saying nothing. The city is a place where noise is king to give way to the calm invading the streets, shops, parks. Empty, almost deserted places… Nature, on the other hand, is taking back its rights, little by little, reminding us every day that it must be cherished and respected. The Nope group shows us the way on this Sunday full of hope and calm!

👉 mailta.pe/398/irma-vep/

🌅 MailTape 398 with Irma Vep

> This morning, we are stopping time with Irma Vep. An episode a bit meditative and a bit hyper, to tune down the inner and outer turmoil. Dive into the quiet, embrace it if you can. Irma Vep’s selection will make you travel through endless dimensions.

👉 mailta.pe/398/irma-vep/

✌ MailTape 397 with Okala

> This morning, we’re turning off the cell phone, TV and radio. We clear our minds of all the worries, of what may be happening in our country and in the world at the moment. We cut off access to the internet to enter into a healthy meditation, one that will bring us serenity and inner peace.

👉 mailta.pe/397/okala/

🏞 MailTape 396 - Philémon Cimon

> This morning, we are going back to where we grew up, to the land of our teenage years, with Montreal-based singer-songwriter Philémon Cimon.

👉 mailta.pe/396/philemon-cimon

💎️ MailTape 395 with Arandel

>This morning we dive into a calm and cosy Sunday with Arandel. Starting in the 60’s till echoes from outer space, this selection is a magic spell against bad vibes.

👉️ mailta.pe/395/arandel

🌟 MailTape 394 with Luis Ake

> This morning, whether you are just waking up or coming home from Saturday’s night-out, put your sandals and your socks on and get your vulnerable feelings and your late-night dance moves ready. Luis Ake is taking you on an odd trip in his golf club cart, can’t you feel your hair blowing in the wind already?

👉 mailta.pe/394/luis-ake/

🏵️ MailTape 393 with Dharma Bum

> "This morning, it is madness that takes us, that puts us in a trance, that makes us do anything, but that allows us to take things as they come and to see life differently. It is this same madness that we find again this Sunday with the group Dharma Bum, a measured, beautiful and energetic madness! "

👉️ mailta.pe/393/dharma-bum/

🔮 MailTape 392 with Glows

> "This morning, we’re wandering deep in a twilit mirror maze with Glows, navigating the boundaries of our myriad selves. Follow the second star to the right and carry straight on till sunrise, riding invisible currents of lost shadows through this otherworldly playground."

👉 mailta.pe/392/glows/

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