🌅 MailTape 398 with Irma Vep

> This morning, we are stopping time with Irma Vep. An episode a bit meditative and a bit hyper, to tune down the inner and outer turmoil. Dive into the quiet, embrace it if you can. Irma Vep’s selection will make you travel through endless dimensions.

👉 mailta.pe/398/irma-vep/

✌ MailTape 397 with Okala

> This morning, we’re turning off the cell phone, TV and radio. We clear our minds of all the worries, of what may be happening in our country and in the world at the moment. We cut off access to the internet to enter into a healthy meditation, one that will bring us serenity and inner peace.

👉 mailta.pe/397/okala/

🏞 MailTape 396 - Philémon Cimon

> This morning, we are going back to where we grew up, to the land of our teenage years, with Montreal-based singer-songwriter Philémon Cimon.

👉 mailta.pe/396/philemon-cimon

💎️ MailTape 395 with Arandel

>This morning we dive into a calm and cosy Sunday with Arandel. Starting in the 60’s till echoes from outer space, this selection is a magic spell against bad vibes.

👉️ mailta.pe/395/arandel

🌟 MailTape 394 with Luis Ake

> This morning, whether you are just waking up or coming home from Saturday’s night-out, put your sandals and your socks on and get your vulnerable feelings and your late-night dance moves ready. Luis Ake is taking you on an odd trip in his golf club cart, can’t you feel your hair blowing in the wind already?

👉 mailta.pe/394/luis-ake/

🏵️ MailTape 393 with Dharma Bum

> "This morning, it is madness that takes us, that puts us in a trance, that makes us do anything, but that allows us to take things as they come and to see life differently. It is this same madness that we find again this Sunday with the group Dharma Bum, a measured, beautiful and energetic madness! "

👉️ mailta.pe/393/dharma-bum/

🔮 MailTape 392 with Glows

> "This morning, we’re wandering deep in a twilit mirror maze with Glows, navigating the boundaries of our myriad selves. Follow the second star to the right and carry straight on till sunrise, riding invisible currents of lost shadows through this otherworldly playground."

👉 mailta.pe/392/glows/

🎈 MailTape 391 with Form

> "This morning, we need oxygen and wide open spaces. To breathe the fresh air, to be as close as possible to nature and to let the wind carry you over the mountains. By mixing music and nature, our movements are in harmony, creating a succession of forms reminiscent of contemporary dance…"


😊 MailTape 390 with The Gentleman Losers

This morning we are delighted to welcome brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka from Helsinki, who have been making music together as The Gentleman Losers since their early teens.


Episode 389 with The Brums

🙃 mailta.pe/389/the-brums/

>"We experiment and mix several things to arrive at an almost perfect musical mess. Our ears are not used to it, so it takes notice of certain sounds while exploring as yet unknown paths. The Brums brighten up our morning to see more clearly."

💥 MailTape 388 with ascendant vierge

> "This duo gathers two rebel spirits, Mathilde Fernandez and Paul Seul. Trying to describe their music with words would only reduce it. They’re courageously opening a road to a contemporary genre filled with a unique cathartic energy comparable to what Crystal Castles created 13 years ago. "


🎉🎈 Happy 2020 with our first episode of the year!

# 387 with Bobun Fever
🔗 mailta.pe/387/bobun-fever/

> "Psychedelic, explosive, causing… There are many other adjectives that could define Bobun Fever.Originally from Orleans, this musical hybrid takes us to their planet where celebration and sharing emotions are the order of the day."

👉 #386 with An Explore

> "This morning, it's finally time to slow down, stay awake for eternity in bed before enjoying a hot coffee contemplating the sky behind your window. Prepare for an exploratory musical morning journey with An Explore. To record "One", his five-track album released under the name of An Explore, Rob Macdonald has teamed with long time collaborator Lucy Wilkins to add violins and occasional vocal on his mix of piano and guitar melodies..."


👉 MailTape 385 with Aryane
Feat. Lenny Kravitz, J. Bernardt, Teni, Aryane, Goerge Ka, Yseult, Pumpkin & Vin’S da Cuero.

🔗 mailta.pe/385/aryane/

> "This morning, we’re giving way to women, the real thing! Those who fight every day for their identity, for their race, for their history, for their rights… Those who proclaim it loud and clear through their music, their art and their passion"...

👉 MailTape 384 with Lucie Antunes
Feat. Ligeti, Ryan Power, Sufjan Steven, Lucie Antunes, Sentimental Rave, Sunni Colón, Sandra Nkaké.

🔗 mailta.pe/384/Lucie-Antunes/

> "Today’s MailTape is an ode to the current times. A pinch in the center of the palm reminding us, awaking us to the very truth we are all faced with. As the walls of illusions fall dry, as the lights dim and the candles are lit, life perceived, just as a glass bottle exploding onto marble, is shattering slowly int..."

Thank you so much @Gargron and all the contributors to Mastodon for building such a great tool of freedom. We are very happy to join the family and to contribute by sharing here our weekly music selection with you folks! Peace.

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So here is our latest episode with our guest Fun Fun Funeral : mailta.pe/383/fun-fun-funeral/

> "This morning, the climate is one of grumbling and discontent. Voices are being raised in the streets to try to make things happen, to have a decent life and above all to respecte as such and according to our professions. Fortunately, we have the Fun Fun Funeral selection to soo the tensions and put some balm to the heart."

It's happening, hello dear ! toot-check, can you receive us? We're ready to release our next episodes here 🤗 😍 Let's be free 🎈

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